Morinaga BF-1 Baby Milk 400 GMS


Morinaga BF-1 Baby Milk 400 GMS

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Morinaga BF-1 Baby Milk 400 GMS

Morinaga BF (bifidus factor) stage 01 baby milk powder contains healthy ingredients including, lactoferrin nucleotides, GOS, DHA, which help in smooth digestion, as well as provide nutritious support in body and brain development. Suitable from birth to onwards (0-6 months old).

Morinaga BF-1 is specially formulated for newborn babies to help them grow faster and stronger. Always use infant formula after doctor’s recommendation.

How do you use Morinaga BF 1?

Boil a sufficient amount of water and allow the boiled water to cool to no less than 70˚C, while using caution not to scald your skin. Pour the water into the baby bottle, filling it to about 2/3 of the desired amount for feeding. Attach a nipple and hood to the bottle and shake well.


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